Room service

Room Service

Room Service Deliveries is one of the leading online food delivery platforms in South East Asia. The company was founded in 2003, pioneering such service in Malaysia. Today, it has successfully emerged as one of the market leaders in Malaysia and has expanded its high-quality operation to Singapore and Indonesia since 2009. With Room Service Deliveries, getting foods from favourite restaurants is easy and hassle-free.

Room Service Deliveries Singapore serves more than 25 different types of cuisine from over 50 restaurants and cafes in Singapore. From Chinese, Indian, Malay, Indonesian, Japanese, American, Italian, Portuguese, Mediterranean, even to doughnuts and wines, Room Service Deliveries Singapore has them all. Not only food, it also provides hampers delivery. These products can be delivered to all parts of Singapoare on any day, Monday to Sunday. A minimum order of SGD25 and a flat delivery charge of SGD10 or SGD12 is applicable, coming with a guaranteed delivery time within 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the destination address. Payment can be made by cash or by credit cards. Room Service Deliveries Singapore has always managed to keep its high standard in delivery, including the time and the condition of the food.

The website of Room Service Deliveries Singapore is conveniently designed to provide easy and pleasant online ordering experience. The homepage features top 20 best-selling dishes and deals of the day such as new restaurants. Customers can search for dishes by restaurant, type of cuisine, or by keywords. With Singapore’s very strong culture on food, this leading online food delivery service with its guaranteed fast-delivery reputation is definitely not to be missed by any affiliates!